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Food & Fitness

Sweat it out and refuel! Take a look at some of our favorite ways to stay active and healthy eats.

cottage cheese benefits feat image

Can This Common Diet Food Really Build Muscle?

Can cottage cheese really help us build muscle while staying lean?
best food pairings

7 Health Foods That Are Better Together

Some things in life are just better together.
banana post workout

Can A Banana Help Improve Your Workout?

What's the deal with this high-sugar, high-carb fruit?
healthy habits infographic

45 Simple Healthy Habits For A Smaller Waist

Which little habit are you skipping?
protein foods

8 Protein-Rich Foods You Need To Add To Your Breakfast

These are a must to include in the most important meal of the day.
healthy burger recipe

The Healthy Burger You Can Eat Every Single Day

High protein, low carbs, and totally delicious.
detox meal plan guide

What Can You Really Eat On A Cleanse – Example Meal...

It's true. You can feel full and still lose weight!
detox food

Here’s What You Can REALLY Eat On A Cleanse

Juice cleanses are SO 2010. These foods will keep you full, happy and satisfied.
carbo-load, half marathon tips, carbo-loading

The Proper Way To Carbo-Load For A Big Run

We all love feel-good carbs, but do you know how to get the most out of them?

Dash of Trainer: Ariana Palma

Want to learn more about a successful trainer and gym-owner's journey to fitness? Look no further.
cravings, cravings crushers

How to Kill Your Cravings Once and For All

Because nothing is worse than having a great week at the gym and being hit with late night snack attacks.
smoothie guide

Your Super Easy Ultimate Smoothie Guide

For newbies and seasoned Vitamix veterans, this smoothie guide will be your new morning go-to.
sugar, FDA, sugar info

FDA Wants Nutritional Labels to Specify Added Sugar

It's time to get your sugar intake under control and the FDA knows it.
flax bread breakfast recipe

Current Obsession: Flax Bread Breakfasts

You can make these savory OR sweet! Breakfast has never tasted this good or been this healthy
poor posture, posture tips

Easy Tips To Improve Your Posture

It's time to finally wave that pain goodbye.


healthy green smoothie recipes

These 2 Healthy Green Smoothies Are Unexpectedly Delicious Recipes

We all know about the importance of eating our greens, but it's also important to drink 'em! If you're not a fan of green...
homemade cleaning solution

Don’t Toss Those Citrus Peels, Upcycle Them!

We use oranges, lemons and grapefruits for so many different food recipes, it's hard to name them all. But who knew you could use...
closet cleaning

5 Items You Need To Purge From Your Closet

Closet cleaning is not an easy thing to do. It's so hard for us to part with items we've collected over the years, even...
tara stiles

Tara Stiles: Yoga Hacks For Poses That Are Wack

Even the most zen yogi has one hard yoga pose that can totally throw them off their balance. I'm talking about those poses that...