Candy Indulgences: Best Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Sweets

Last week might have been National Chocolate Day, but today is National Candy day! It might be a few days after Halloween, but it cannot be denied that the Holiday season always makes us reminisce on some good ol’ quality time with our families while noshing on some sweets.

However, I don’t know about you, but every time I eat a whole bag of Sour Patch Kids it’s not a sense of joy that I feel but, instead, a sense of bloating and unease. These healthier options will help you indulge your sweet tooth without making you queasy. Take a look.

Sour Watermelon Homemade Gummies via meatified

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Who doesn’t like that satisfying feeling of chomping down on something sweet and chewy from time to time? These gummies will fulfill your craving with minimally processed and all natural ingredients.

Buttermints via Empowered Sustenance

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These can be made in a vegan and non-vegan version. If you eat butter, then these will provide all the healthy fats you need. Conversely, if you’re vegan you can try the coconut oil version!

Candied Frozen Grapes via Rachel Schultz


If you have never tried frozen grapes then you have been missing out on one of the world’s most delicious natural candies. Go ahead. Pop them in your freezer.

Healthy Homemade Marshmallows via Urban Poser

healthy candy

If we knew marshmallows were this easy to make at home we would have tried this AGES ago!

Paleo/Keto Peppermint Patties via Worth Every Chew

healthy candy

Peppermint patties are weird at first and then become oddly satisfying and refreshing. Indulge in this recipe.

Gluten Free Red Cherry Licorice via Gluten Free On A Shoestring

healthy candy

Twizzlers or “Red Vines” are a classic, but did you know you could make them yourself? They’re certainly worth a shot. Plus, who knows what cool flavors you could substitute red cherry with.

Peach Rings via The Mama’s Girls

healthy candy alternative

Peach rings have always been delicious, but after too many, they can definitely lead to an upset stomach and weird aftertaste. This recipe uses actual, fresh peaches!

Fruit Roll-Ups via Make+Haus

candy alternatives

Who can have just ONE fruit roll-up? Now you won’t feel so bad after you help yourself to seconds.

Honey Lollipops via The Pistachio Project

healthy candy

Honey might be the best all-natural sweetener for non-vegans. They also make great lollipops. Bonus: If you have a cough, you will also have an excuse to eat candy as these are perfect for soothing  your sore throat.

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Homemade Swedish Fish via Pounds 4 Pennies

healthy candy

Finally, here is the all-time classic, Swedish Fish. Something about their fish shape and artificial taste can be so alluring, but we think the real fruit flavoring might make these a lot tastier.

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What is your all-time favorite candy?